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Wired For Better Relationships

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Have you experienced trauma and deceit in your past relationships?

Do you jump from relationship to relationship in search for love, safety and security?

Do you often find yourself friend-zoned?

Have most of your relationship experiences been toxic in nature?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you have come to the right (and safest) corner of the internet.

After reading and implementing the strategies, you will learn to

  1. love yourself like never before
  2. be happy (whatever your define as happiness)
  3. marry the right person and for the right reasons
  4. listen to your heart
  5. tame your ego in a relationship
  6. believe in yourself
  7. welcome radical transformation

Note: While this eBook will inspire you into taking action, if you you wish to go deeper in to learning about self-love, you can read my book WIRED FOR SELF-LOVE

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Wired For Better Relationships

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